lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

# 93 in Songs that Became Abbot

# 93 - Smoking Popes - "Need You Around"

In 1996, practicing with the Cherrycoles, our drummer called in sick.

Or, more probably, his mom wouldn't let him come and practice with us.

What can you say? He was a wuss.

Wondering what to do, we dedided to call our friend Antti, who we knew to be a drummer. Antti came, we played him the tape by the Smoking Popes, and asked if he could try the intro to "Need You Around", just about the perfect punk pop song.

Antti nailed it.

We were thrilled, we rocked, and for a while, the whole world was ours. Then we had to keep on playing with the wuss, since he was our pal and our regular drummer. 

Luckily, ten years later we got Antti back again.

What a tresure, that guy.