sunnuntai 19. toukokuuta 2013

# 81 in Songs that Became Abbot

# 81 - Corsair - Cover of "The Trooper"

I came upon Corsair last winter. I was riding on a bus, watching the snow-filled trees flow by in the dark distance. My iPod had the entire Corsair album in it, waiting for its first listen.

I gave it that.

I was never the same.

Now, there is nothing new in what Corsair does. However, what they do and how they do it puts them in the top 2% of all new rock/prog/doom bands. They do their thing (and this is one of the reasons for them being there in the top 2%, for not many bands these days have something even remotely close to "their thing") in such a sovereign way that even Phil Lynott would turn around in his grave, were he not a moldy bastard of a bone heap by now.

Corsair mix styles fluently, usually a stunt not pulled off by many. But they are not many. They are Corsair, a band that seems to stand in a category of one. I mean come on, who else pulls off a cover of The Trooper with such elequence (and a guitarist wearing flannel like it's 1996)?

So, for lord's sake, buy their S/T album.