sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

# 78 in Songs That Became Abbot

# 78 - Aces DC - Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover)

You should never judge a book by the cover.

Unless that book is 50 Shades of Gray, which has a shitty cover and is most probably a shitty book too.

That as an aside, thou shall not judgeth an AC/DC cover band by their appearance. Not by the fact that the singer is a barrel-chested I-just-got-out-of-rehab -looking sonofagun, and the lead guitarist is a young skinny punk who looks like he's barely out of junior high.


Thou shall judgeth an AC/DC cover band by the covers they play.
Aces DC hail from Rauma. Where that is, you don't need to know.

Just know that they kick ass.

And by the looks of this video, they can rock just about anywhere, and for anyone.