Abbot's Mountain Purgatory
September, Friday the 13th
6.32 pm

"Classic, broody old school HEAVY ROCK N' ROLL."

Dear friend,

I have been asked a most difficult question.

A question I am not supposed to answer.

Because answering that question could provide you, dear reader, with insight into Reality.

With this insight you should be able to...

...grasp the teachings of esoteric religions
...contemplate the essence of the Kosmos
...understand your true nature

But here I go.

The question I am not supposed answer is:

What is Abbot? 

Well, it's a band, for starters.

A heavy doom rock band, from Pori, Finland.

You know, Pori. The eleventh biggest town in Finland. 

The place to be if you're heading nowhere but deep beyond your mind, mining for the treasures of soul's deepest depths, searching for that pearl beyond price, that ever-present origin, the One that always already just is.

I'm getting carried away here.


I just couldn't help myself.


That's what just thinking about Abbot does to me.


A strange band, one could say.

Well, stange are the origins, I might add.

You see, Abbot were not always like this. No sir. They used to be good-looking, healthy young fellows. Into all kinds of healthy things.

They begun as young lads, sporty and spry, playing in the woods, building tree-houses and leaping over fences. Where there wasn't a fence, they built it. And jumped over it.

Then something went wrong.

Horribly wrong.

At the age of five, in their separate locations but at exactly the same time, they found heavy rock.

Synchronicity, it's called. 


Or was it just the 80's?

Anyway, it was Kiss at first.

Then, Iron Maiden.

Next, Black Sabbath.

And from there they went.

Thin Lizzy. ZZ Top. Pentagram. Lightning Hopkins. Ramones. AC/DC. Bedemon. Dead Meadow. Dead Moon. Uriah Heep. King Diamond. Mercyful Fate. Diamond Head. Captain Beyond. Pagan Altar. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Om. Sleep. Hüsker Dü. Black Flag. GG Allin. Dinosaur Jr. Smoking Popes. Lord Vicar. Candlemass. Hour of 13. Earthless. Stack Waddy. Ten Years After. Jimi Hendrix. Gong. Yes. Alice Cooper. Ax. May Blitz. Jefferson Airplane. Incredible String Band. Free. Love. Hawkwind. Neil Young. Robert Johnson.

Rush, even.

(But not too much Rush. Too much Rush can make you a little weird.)

From there they went on.

To form a band together. A band called Abbot.

A band that, according to critics, sounds like...

...Billy Gibbons jamming with Satan. 

Imagine that.
...Kind of band who make you want to describe everything with "thee".

Thee is right.
Guitars are solid and tight...equally ridged and loose all at once...

They kind of are, aren't they? 

Denim n’ leather rocker's soundtrack to a psychedelic underground mushroom feast...

Whew. Sounds like fun. And a tiny bit scary.

....Classic, broody old school heavy rock n’ roll.

So rock on, for fuck's sake.

And here we have it.

An answer to a serious seeker.

This is...

Now go crack open a beer, and the secrets of the universe will follow.

As above, so below.

Yours in evolution, essence and Reality,


   *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Abbot - The Official Biography

Abbot was formed to follow, develop and serve the sacred lineage of heavy doom rock. 

Distorted amps and fuzz pedals form the backdrop against which harmonica, analogue effects and drawly vocals are projected and ultimately melted into one seamless whole. 

Abbot comes from the seaside town of Pori, Finland, where bands like Circle and Pharaoh Overlörd have graced the scene of NWOFHM (New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal).

 Abbot have played together since 2007, the musicians having known each other and played in various groups for over 15 years. 

Their musical roots come from diverse sources: from the mid-to late 60’s and early 70’s classic rock/garage/ psychedelica, doom metal and southern rock to early blues and classic country. 

Spirituality, Evolution and Reality are among the themes of Abbot’s lyrical inspiration. 

Abbot's own label, Red Sky, released the first two 7” vinyl singles. The covers for the first were drawn by the great Daniel Mitsui, known for his stunning religious art. 

Debut album "Between Our Past and Future Lives" is released in October 2014 by the Italian label Bloodrock Records. It is distributed exclusively through Black Widow distribution throughout Europe and North America.

Abbot is to be played loud and often.

Jussi Jokinen (guitar) 
JP Jakonen (vocal, harmonica, percussion, flute)  
Tapio Lepistö (bass and fuzz bass) 
Antti Kuusinen (drums)  

Abbot can be reached at:
tel: +358-50-4037785